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Stephanie M Scott , Promotions Liason

MEET: Stephanie M Scott, Our Promotions Liaison

Stephanie was a Feature Film Art Department Coordinator and now works as a Social Media Specialist with Wildfire Effect Media

Hey friends, If you are here then you must ALSO have a deep love for our Vancouver Storytelling Scene.  
When I first met Damian and Anya it was as a guest on Backstage Vancouver.  They had stumbled on something opportunity to shine a spotlight to Vancouver's 1000s of heros behind the design, production and distribution of storys.  I KNEW I had to take part.
Coming from 15 years on feature films sets I know our cities strong reputation for crafting quality films, theatrical and digital productions. It's about time we had a place to promote this to the communities that benefit from our talented crews and diverse locations. 
In one short year it has opened my eyes to community connectors that I have the great pleasure of contributing my time and experience towards. Connectors like The Vancouver Web Festival the Crazy TV Talk Podcast and digital storytelling communities like Vancouver Transmedia Group, The Social Media Club of Vancouver, the Women Talking Tech podcast among others.

I PROMISE that if you take the time to contribute your thoughts to OUR community with your comments on the blog or by joining our Facebook Group you will be equally amazed at what it brings your way. 

Until we #chat again,

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BACK IN THE DAY.... This was one of my favourite moments from last year 

[Disclaimer: I went to school with Kryshan, loved reconnecting with him]

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