Damien's Corner

PRODUCER - Damien Gendron   

Damien has a long history in the Film Industry.  His first intro to Film production was making props with his Mentor Jerry Stevens over 20 years ago.  He eventually migrated to Special Effects as his main function.  Over the years he also became a member of the Construction Department.  He brought with him many transferable skills from one roll to the other.  He has been a CNC Machinist, Metal Fabricator/Welder, Electronics Technician, Mechanic, Photographer and Amateur Radio Operator.

Being a quick learner and having many interests he was exposed to most aspects of Film production.  His experience as a professional photographer lead him into cinematography.  He enjoys shooting whenever he gets the chance.

Backstage Vancouver is his attempt to stay connected to Independent Film since he left the Industry (to get a real job).  Staying connected to a world that has given so much over the years just feels right.  Backstage is here to build community by defining our collective identity and supporting the people that work behind the scenes.  Giving these hard working creative folks some air time is the primary goal.

You can reach Damien here: dawgenca (at) gmail.com

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