Monday, November 10, 2014

NEWS - 2014 Vancouver International Film Festival

There are many highlights I could share with you all.  They put on a great event!  I must admit, we were unprepared for it.  I had no idea the scale of this gig.  This is Roland Corkum's debut with us and also Jared Cheer's first shoot under our banner.  What I do have for you is 2 surprise interviews and a collage of clips.

I am so struck by these two interviews.  Scott Renyard is a great man.  He makes documentaries because he deeply cares about his world.  I salute him.  The crew from the short called Violent were such a perfect example of how we all should be collaborating.  They are Andrew Huculiak, Josh Huculiak, Joseph Schweers and Cayne McKenzie.  You will be inspired.

Last but certainly not least, there are words of wisdom from Anne Wheeler.  What a jewel she is.  I hope to get more footage with her in the near future.  We really didn't have the opportunity to dance this time.  Anne, we will come a knockin' if you're agreeable.

Damien Gendron

(My apologies but the final clips won't be available)

First UP:

Number TWO:

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