Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Custom Programmed Battery Monitor - Fund Raiser

ChargePro Prototype

Introducing the ChargePro battery monitor.  This is a custom programmed voltage monitor that will alert you when it's time to change or charge your equipment batteries.

I hand make each one myself to your specifications.  Together we determine the appropriate voltage points for each LED indicator.  The red one being just above the danger zone for your specific device (camera, monitor, recorder, field mixer, lights....etc).  It flashes when the battery gets that low to get your attention.  Being tiny itself, I will sell it with some Velcro on the back so you can mount it in clear view.

I know of no product or service quite like it.  The Film Industry is not an arena that puts up with dead batteries.  Sadly, your very employment often depends on NEVER losing a take because your equipment stopped working.  Most people would rather throw away perfectly good batteries to make darn sure they don't run out of power.  What a pain in the behind and a huge waste of money.

I know how this feels, I have lived it.

Some features:

  • It needs no batteries itself
  • Display shuts off after 30 mins
  • Red LED flashes, alerting you
  • Small and light
  • Comes with Velcro on the back
  • Long battery probes with alligator clips
  • Accurate micro-controller inside
  • Customized to your specific device
  • Off switch totally disconnects the monitor

Got your attention yet?  I am taking pre-orders to see what the demand and price point will be.  I am thinking $120 each.  As the title says, this is a fund raiser.  A significant portion of the profits will go to supporting BackStage Vancouver.

The first 5 people to give me a deposit of $40 will only pay $80 for their first ChargePro.

So, if you think you could really use one of these, leave some feedback in the message area below.  In fact, leave any sort of message.  Price to high, too low, great idea BUT......Talk to us.  I will try and adapt as need be.  Alternately, you can send a request or comment to dawgenca (at)


Damien Gendron