Monday, May 20, 2013

The next show is with Natalie Kardum

Hey Guys and Gals.  I am in the process of locking down an interview with Natalie Kardum.  Yes you heard right!  She is the current director at the Vancouver Short Film Festival.  I was wondering if anyone had questions for Natalie.  Feel free to send some via the comments.  I will do my best to include them in the interview.

I plan to talk about a new way of producing content here in Vancouver.  The Independent scene at the moment is generally stuck with a traditional, complicated and expensive environment.  Vendors are used to dealing with high end, big budget projects that can afford the high prices they charge.  But what if you need to rent gear or secure the services of a technician and you have a micro budget, where do you turn?

Ideally, as we form a more solid Indie community, we would reinvent how all this gets done.  We need changes that reflect the new realities ahead.

Also, I will be getting her to quickly run through the Film Festival game.  How does it all work and why go there.

Should be shooting this week.  So stay tuned!



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