Monday, May 04, 2015

EPISDOE 33 - Sylvie Gendron, Makeup Artist

Our third show in this series is a makeup kit expose with my Sister Sylvie Gendron.  She, like myself has been in Film for many years.  What you will see is her sharing how she organizes her kit and what is in it.  Don't miss this one!

She originally started out in Wardrobe and migrated to Makeup.  She just loves being a Makeup Artist and it shows in her enthusiasm.  Watch the second video to hear all about it.

Curious about what it takes to be in Makeup?  Watch this.


Damien Gendron

Sunday, April 12, 2015

EPISODE 32 - Alicia White, Makeup Artist

Our second show in this series is an interview with Alicia White.  She is an up and coming Makeup Artist that has the passion to succeed.  Interesting interview.


Damien Gendron

Friday, April 10, 2015

EPISODE 31 - Klynt Domsky, Makeup Artist

Have you ever wondered what Makeup is all about?  Klynt Domsky is a professional Makeup Artist in Vancouver.  He talks candidly about his path into this interesting industry.

Thanks Klynt.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

NEWS - Raindance Vancouver Intro

Raindance Vancouver is a very special group of people.  They are part of an International organization that supports Independent FilmNadia Demofte is the go to person in Vancouver.  She and a small dedicated band of volunteers are putting a lot of effort into the local scene.

Please support and get involved!  We will all benefit from a strong Raindance presence in this town.  When you meet up with Nadia or any of the organizers be sure to thank them for what they do.

The latest way to network in person is the Booze & Schmooze event held in the Backstage Lounge on Granville Island.  Check out the links below to get more details.

Here is a talk I had with Nadia a while back that explains what's going on.


Damien Gendron

Monday, December 29, 2014

EPISODE 30 - Jimi Stewart, The Vancouver B Movie Factory

Want to see something new?  Maybe something you've always wanted to try?  Well stay right there and check out this episode.  Jimi Stewart and I go over his group called The Vancouver B Movie Factory.  This is a neat community of film makers pumping out content week after week.  They have dedicated members of all sorts that make it all happen.  Want to try your hand at Directing?  Maybe you have a short script you want to play with?  Always wanted to do camera or DP?  You can give it a try there with the warm support of fellow explorers.

Thanks Jimi, for all you do for our Vancouver Independent Film community. You're the best!


Sunday, December 14, 2014

EPISODE 29 - Lisa Hughes, Producer, Writer

In this episode we have a talented Producer named Lisa Hughes as our guest.  Have you been trying to form a production group to collaborate with on various projects?  Not easy is it?  Many of us in the Indie scene haven't figured out that the way to success is to share in the limelight.  Big egos only get you so far.  Here Lisa talks about her group of 4 collaborators and how they make it all work.

Comedy is their thing.  So be sure to follow the links and check out their work.  I like it.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

EPISODE 28 - Kathran Lake, Writer

Are you a writer or would you like to explore this wonderful craft?  Do you have a story in your head that just needs to come out?  Well I have news for you.  It has NEVER been so easy to self publish and become the author you have always wanted to be.  Kathran Lake is the gal to talk to in this regard.  Listen to all the great advise she has to share about her journey into this field and yours.  Take your script to her and she will hook you up to the resources needed to get it finalized.

Thanks to Kathran for a lovely exchange.

Monday, November 10, 2014

NEWS - 2014 Vancouver International Film Festival

There are many highlights I could share with you all.  They put on a great event!  I must admit, we were unprepared for it.  I had no idea the scale of this gig.  This is Roland Corkum's debut with us and also Jared Cheer's first shoot under our banner.  What I do have for you is 2 surprise interviews and a collage of clips.

I am so struck by these two interviews.  Scott Renyard is a great man.  He makes documentaries because he deeply cares about his world.  I salute him.  The crew from the short called Violent were such a perfect example of how we all should be collaborating.  They are Andrew Huculiak, Josh Huculiak, Joseph Schweers and Cayne McKenzie.  You will be inspired.

Last but certainly not least, there are words of wisdom from Anne Wheeler.  What a jewel she is.  I hope to get more footage with her in the near future.  We really didn't have the opportunity to dance this time.  Anne, we will come a knockin' if you're agreeable.

Damien Gendron

(My apologies but the final clips won't be available)

First UP:

Number TWO:

Monday, October 27, 2014

EPISODE 27 - Cathy Browne, Photographer

One area of producing that many times is left to last is stills.  Often times by then it's too late to get some of the images that would have made promotions easier. Getting a photographer involved early on is money in your pocket in the end.  Don't overlook this on your next project.

So to go in this direction I have for you an interview with a unique Photographer.  Cathy Browne will make you laugh and show you how overcoming obstacles to follow your passion always pays off.   


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

EPISODE 26 - Eric Lamirande, Producer, Cinematographer

Here is a dynamic fellow we thought would be a great addition to the program.  Eric Lamirande is a young dedicated artist.  You can see the passion he has for the creative process in general.  He is up for anything I think.  Listen to what he has planned for the future.